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For peak performance, longitivity and reliability, your heating and cooling system should have regular Tune Ups. You wouldn’t think of running your car for years without an oil change, a new air filter, tires and the occasional fan belt – same thing.

A typical furnace or boiler in northern Wisconsin runs about 2000+ hours a year. Think of how far you could drive your car in 2000 hours. An annual Tune Up will prolong the life of your furnace, maintain its efficiency, and reduce the chance of a breakdown.

Limited product warranty coverage varies between models and brands of heating equipment and certain parts of the same piece of equipment may have different lengths of warranty.

Limited labor warranty is not usually covered by the manufacturer but is provided by the company installing the equipment.

Heating equipment breakdown caused by the lack of maintenance may void the manufacturer’s and installers warranty.

Follow this link to Register your new Lennox Merit or Elite series furnace or air conditioner and receive an additional limited 5 year warranty on qualified parts. Must be done Online within 45 days of installation.

Follow this link to apply for Focus on Energy income eligibilty application

Follow this link for Focus on Energy Rewards Heating & Cooling Improvements Online Application.

Eligible equipment:
    2-stage 95%+ furnace w/ ECM motor on natural or propane gas
    1-stage 90%+ furnace w/ECM motor on natural gas
    95%+ Boiler with outdoor reset

Follow these links to apply for manufacturer’s rebates

For Lennox Product