Tune Up

Annual Furnace Maintenance


We are frequently asked what is done on a seasonal Tune Up and what you can expect. We have assembled the following list

This information is intended for qualified service personnel who follow acceptable servicing practices and are familiar with product and installation requirements.

  • Check wiring for loose connections, voltage supplied to unit and amperage of motors
  • Check the condition of the drive belt, shaft bearings and blower wheel
  • Inspect all gas piping and connections for leaks
  • Check the condition of burners and heat exchanger and clean if necessary
  • Check the cleanliness og the blower assembly and clean the housing, blower wheel and blower motor if necessary
  • Inspect the combustion air inducer and clean
  • Inspect condensate trap and drain piping
  • Check duct work and inspect for leaks or broken parts
  • Measure the temperature rise across the heat exchanger and adjust air flow if necessary
  • Check the condition of furnace and duct insulation if applicable
  • Clean and check the ignition components (gas valve, ignitor, flame sensor, pressure switches, limit switches)
  • Test run and cycle furnace to ensure proper operation
  • Check for proper intake and exhaust / venting operation
  • Look for leaks, damaged parts and integrity of components
  • Check gas pressures
  • Inspect thermostat, associated wiring, change batteries
  • Replace air filter, vacuum blower enclosure